Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 12 Results show

Just a quick update to present the results...our first trio is Jacob, Lauren, and Casey.  Gotta be all safe, yes?  Yes indeed, although they try to fake out Casey.  Also, the group number was less obviously off key than last week, but was a mash-up of "Born to be Wild" and "Born This Way" that was about 72 minutes long.

Next group: just two, Haley and Paul.  I think Haley's going down...the audience has never picked her.  Paul is losing his appeal, but I think he's safe based on the audience screams.  Ryan tells us it's a split...and sure enough, Haley's on the bottom and Paul is safe. The audience is booing, but hey, that's what you expect when you're only on the show due to a wild card vote.

Up next? Lee Dewyze sings.  Has he released a single? Does anyone remember him? Is he now the most musical paint store manager in all the land?

Eeeeek! There's a vampire in the audience--oh, never mind. It's just J.Lo's husband Marc Anthony. He is sitting with Pitbull. Wish it were Renfield.  And it's time for Lee's big moment...which starts soft and coffeehouse.  Oof, this is like Poor Man's Counting Crows.  Two words: boop-boop. Thank God for Tivo.

Scotty, James and Pia are our next three...I can't imagine any of these three are going home.  Although I'm not the biggest Scotty fan, I'm beginning to suspect he's going all the way to the finals. The judges and the crowd seem to love his cheesy, folksy manner. James is the only "rock" option the voters have, so I think he'll have legs...and Pia is the prettiest girl (or I should say, most conventionally pretty girl). Back to the couch, all of you.

Next two: Naima and Stefano.  Both are on the fence, but I'm surprised that they send back Stefano and not Naima, who winds up in the bottom 3.  How will Karen and Thia fare? They're both good singers with bland affects.  I see Thia wore her Pocahontas costume just in case...but not necessary! It's Karen the Soccer Mom in the bottom 3.

Fair enough...our bottom 3 are Haley, Naima and Karen.  Two of them weren't in America's top 10 to begin with, and the other one hasn't been terrific.  I suspect Naima is safe for another week or two, and Haley's going home because she sounds like a 45-year-old cabaret singer....whereas Karen sounds like a 37-year-old easy listening singer. She'll go next week unless she does something superb.

Black Eyed Peas perform a song in tribute to Japan. It contains the repeated line "me love you long time." I die a little inside. [S&S plug: Taboo's book, FALLING UP, is now available from Touchstone.]

Yup...Naima is sent right back to the couch, safe.'s Karen, not Haley, who's going home. The audience boos again. Although the judges have a chance to save Karen as she sings, I doubt they'll use their pass this early. (Poor Karen--she's going out with cankles, due to unflattering slouchy boots.)

Nope, they let her go, with kind words. Randy says it was not unanimous (wonder if J.Lo was pulling for her to the end?) Her singout sounded good, but she wasn't charismatic enough to win.  Maybe a Spanish-language label will pick her up.

See you all next week!


Starr Ambrose said...

Karen might have been picked up before she even left the stage. The mic picked up J Lo at the end, telling her that Marc would be right down to talk to her.

Abby said...

Ooh, good ears, Starr! That would be exciting for her, and probably a good move. Guess she really did have a friend in J.Lo.