Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung (Maybe?)

Hooray! It's not snowing! Or raining! Or freezing! Or otherwise miserable outside!

Puttered around this morning, but could no longer ignore Mt. Laundry or the mighty herd of dustbunnies in the living room.  (Using a Wally-based system of measurement, when an individual dustbunny reaches the size of Wally's head, it is time to vacuum.  When the accumulated dustbunnies can conceal Wally entirely, it is time to move.)

Wally does not think that's funny.
So I put on my remaining clean t-shirt (Go Brooklyn Cyclones!) and trudged off to the laundromat.'s beautiful outside! It's sunny! The air is cool and fresh, and people are actually smiling at each other. I dropped off the laundry, went grocery shopping, and was so giddy with optimism that I bought whole wheat pasta.  (Not convinced that's going to be popular in the Zoble household, but still.)

I came home, opened every window in the house, and cleaned the tub. I begin to think we may just survive this winter after all.

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