Thursday, March 10, 2011

The First Idol Falls

So, our first bottom three...Karen, Ashthon and Haley.  Show did a weird half-suspenseful reveal, but partway through just announced, "Ashthon, you're in danger. Aaaaand PSYCH! Haley, so are you.  Nobody likes either of you." And unsurprisingly, Ashthon goes home, the judges tearfully but firmly refusing to save her with their Power of Veto (or whatever they're calling it this year).

I think this was the right decision. Of the three of them, Ashthon was the worst singer with the most annoying personality. I keep thinking she was one of the 15-year-old babies, but in fact she was in her 20s, and thus there was even less excuse for her faux-diva act.  I don't care for Haley, and don't think she'll win over the hearts of the voters, but she can at least sing. (If only she'd stop pulling faces at the camera while she did.) And Karen had a bad night, and a so-so song choice.  If she does something fun and uptempo, and learns how to hear herself onstage, she'll probably be OK next week.

Were you happy with the voters' decision? Did you vote for anyone?


Zoe said...

I quite enjoyed haley's pout at Ashton, the hug, and then the "Oh, me too? Cool" psych! moment.

abbyzidle said...

Yes, that was excellent! You could see her thinking, "Hold my sorry face, hold the sorry face, don't grin--um, what's that, Ryan? Oh, crap."