Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bottom 3 Shocker!

I can't believe it! Haley escaped the jaws of death, just when we thought we were rid of her!  Our bottom three are Thia, Stefano, and...Casey! Uh-oh...could the teddy bear be losing his mojo?  Or was it just an off night?

I'm foolishly watching the results show live, which is excruciating. Ten minutes of actual results, fifty minutes of filler. (And what was Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland wearing? It looked like everything we regret about the 80s.)  Fifteen minutes left to go, and I have to rejigger my predicted boot-ee.  I think of the three, it'll be Thia.  She's just boring, and the little Idol girls would rather vote for safe-cute boys.

I'm stunned! Thia is safe! And so is Stefano! Casey's shtick just wore out, apparently.  I'd think the judges might save him, except it's still pretty early days, and he's not going to win the whole thing.  But NO! They don't even let him bother to finish his song...he gets about 8 bars in and Randy shuts him down to say, "We don't need to hear you, we're keeping you."

Casey has a complete gratitude-meltdown onstage, running to hug the judges, Ryan, his relatives in the audience...the other kids seem pleased enough.  I'm glad he's sticking around, but he'd better figure out how to get back to his Hollywood Week self right quick!

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