Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 9 - Results

I was pretty close with my guess for the bottom 3--Jacob and Stefano, but they picked Pia instead of Lauren.  Ryan's patented fakeout got me, as he tells Jacob he is sending him the couch.  Alas, Jacob the Sanctimonious is safe, and our loser is...Pia.

The judges are staggered; J.Lo's on the verge of tears, and Randy is giving us all a lecture about voting for whom we love.  Um, Randy, we did--is it not clear to you that the girls are falling one by one, because the voters will always pick a cute boy first? Did it not also occur to you that Pia, while a lovely and talented singer, is BORING?  You all should not be as surprised as you are.  And stop blaming America.

Steven says, "America, a mistake is one thing but lack of passion is unforgivable." For a minute, I thought he was saying something relevant about Pia's rather soulless performances...but no, he says our apathy caused this.  Well, yeah, kinda.  Sorry, Pia, you had no charisma.  Best of luck on your own.

Next week: can we please, PLEASE get rid of Jacob?

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