Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 - Results

Well, not too many surprises tonight.  Casey escaped my predicted bottom, so we're choosing between Jacob, Stefano and Haley.  Ryan messes with Haley a bit, sending her to the Stools of Doom and then pulling her right back off.  So we're picking between Jacob and Stefano? I'm FINE with that. They can both go.

In the group sings, Jacob/Stefano/Haley/Lauren did Train's "Hey Soul Sister," which was OK-not-great (except for the fact that we had to hear that overplayed song again).  Casey/James/Scotty did Coldplay, and although Scotty's first line made me think, "See? You CAN do stuff that's not country," in general they were terrible.  The three of them can't harmonize at all, and just sound off.

David Cook debuted his new single, which was OK pop, and his mom jumped up to meet Steven Tyler, which was cute. Katy Perry came on dressed as the Queen of Tron and sang...Kiss Me? Supernatural? Who knows. She's wearing a light-up jumpsuit and a silver helmet, that's all you need to know.  KATY PERRY YOU ARE NOT LADY GAGA WE ALREADY HAVE ONE STOP THAT NOW.  Kanye comes out and does the bridge.  He is wearing a fur vest that looks more than a little feminine. Just sayin'.

So who's going home? Stefano! Jacob is safe.  Fair enough...not bad for a wild card.  Cut to James, who is hiding his head in his hands and seems to be crying.  It's OK, James, they're not going to execute him.  Stefano will go home and leer at many more girls in the future.  He chooses "Lately" as his singoff song, which sounds like Lionel Richie.  Oh, Stefano, I wish you well with your Lite FM stylings. Sayonara.

Until next week!

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