Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little victories

Today was a frazzly day at work--nothing bad, just meeting upon meeting and crises flaring up that turned out not to be crises, but only after everyone ran around with their hair on fire.  So I was in real need of my evening yoga class tonight!

I made it just in time, staked out my little stretch of floor, and we began.  I've been going to yoga every Tuesday for the last six weeks or so (and Zumba every Thursday), and while no one is going to mistake me for Rodney Yee, I can already feel how much more stable and strong I am.  Tonight, I was excited to discover that I can transition successfully from Downward Dog through Plank to Low Cobra, which I couldn't do before.  Plank is basically like the "up" phase of a push-up, and then you lower yourself into the next pose--in the past, I've been coming to my knees through the transition, because my arms weren't strong enough to keep "lower myself" from becoming "belly flop." Seems like a small thing, but I was really happy to have this tangible evidence that I'm doing myself good by committing to this class.

I was so confident, I decided to try Wheel Pose while resting in Bridge. Yeah, that's not happening yet--backbends will have to wait a few more weeks. Om!

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