Thursday, July 21, 2011

SYTYCD Top 10 Results

I'm definitely keeping it short tonight, since I've just spent an hour finishing last night's post and cruising YouTube for appropriate videos...

Our first three onstage are Melanie, Tadd and Mitchell. I can't imagine Mitchell is feeling super-confident stacked against those two. He is indeed in the Bottom 4 (2 boys, 2 girls tonight), and doesn't look at all surprised. Tadd and Melanie are barely paying attention--they don't think they're going anywhere.  Cat tries to add some suspense by opening her card and saying, "After tonight, the 2nd dancer in our bottom 4 is..." but we all know she'll say, "Neither of you!" Both of them had the courtesy to look nervous when she started reading, and are elated to hear they're safe for another week, but honestly, none of us was fooled.

Our next trio onstage is Marko, Clarice and Sasha.  I think that's bad news for Clarice, because I can't imagine either Marko or Sasha winding up in the bottom yet, can you?  (Note for those of you watching this on DVR--Marko & Chelsie's samba is hilarious watched in fast forward. Her little hips are shaking like a hula doll on a dashboard.)  The first girl in danger is...Clarice. No surprise to her, and the audience moans a little but doesn't seem shocked either. It wasn't going to be Sasha, after all. (Cat actually said "the first girl," but I missed her releasing Marko. I must have FFed through it.)

Now we get a peek at next week's all-star lineup: Ivan (Season 2), Jaimie, Anya & Pasha, Lauren Gottlieb, and Neil (Season 3), Ade (Season 5) and LoFro, winner of Season 7. I am not excited about Lauren or Neil, both of whom we just saw in last year's group. I didn't like Ivan in his year (he was Allison's partner, and I think I didn't care for her mostly because she was stuck with him), but he was a crowd favorite. I don't really remember Jaimie, but I believe she was Hok's partner for the Emmy-winning Wade Robson "Hummingbird" dance.  Enjoy:

Cat also tells us that Lady Gaga will be judging.  I love her, but I think she was more appropriate as an "Idol" judge.

Now we're sorting out Jess and Ricky. I think they both did quite well last night, so I'm bummed to see either of them in the bottom, but I think it might be Jess's time. He can't do the lifts, and it's going to continue to hurt him in competition. Jess has strong face on...but no! It's Ricky! Sorry, dude. Jess looks absolutely stunned, and staggers off to be consoled by his pals.

Caitlynn and Jordan are our last two, no doubt because they've been paired in the bottom for weeks.  It's a 50/50 shot, I think...neither of them should feel safe. (Ooh, Jordan's hair and ensemble is super-unflattering tonight.) And it's Jordan in the bottom--I think Caitlynn's sexy ballroom dance saved her in the end. Or possibly, Jordan's somewhat vapid personality was her downfall.  Off they all go to prepare (though I'd say Mitchell and Clarice look more resigned, like they have no expectations of saving themselves with a solo).

Our non-eliminating interlude tonight is an ABT soloist, Daniel Simkin (sp?). He's dancing to Jacques Brel and looks like Carson Kressley crossed with Harry Potter.  I don't know if it's that he's in a shirt and tie, or if this particular dance is not as dramatic, but we've seen more exciting stuff on this show.

Solo time! (I'm skipping the visit to the Gatorade research center, since Gatorade is not a sponsor of this blog.) Clarice goes first, and her solo's a lot of fun--and actually matches the music! Mitchell is wearing only booty shorts and is dancing with a scarf. But he's just kind of holding it--doesn't use it much. I don't think it helped him. Jordan's solo is to a Lykke Li song that I know we heard last night, but I can't remember if it was her solo or not. Is she recycling? No clue--but at least this dance had more emotion than she usually conveys. And finally, Ricky: he starts out with an almost hip-hop style movement, though it's clearly a contemporary solo. His dance had a lot more cohesion and purpose than Mitchell's. I think he's safe for another week.

Our musical guest of the night is a group called Blush, featuring Snoop Dogg. I'm thinking no. Take one part Pussycat Dolls, one part Snoop, and one part Sailor Moon, run 'em through Autotune, and you get Blush. They could definitely have done with another pass through the Autotuner, actually. Also, there is no dance to speak of here. There is careful sidestepping so as not to fall off one's high-heeled boots. Moving on.

Results! We start with the girls, who look like sad bedraggled princesses. But Nigel first calls the boys out to join the girls--I smell a lecture coming on. Oh, not a chastisement! He's giving them a buck-up lecture, and points out that both Twitch and Allison, in the audience tonight, were regular visitors to the bottom. He says he's sorry that two of them are going home, he's glad they're all on tour, and he has nothing bad to say about them.  Then he asks Mitchell and Clarice to step forward and--cuts them! No fuss, no muss, just thanks them for their service and lets them go. Huh, that was less strung out than I anticipated.  The safe dancers are smiling and sobbing and Jess looks stricken. Caitlynn, in turn, is weeping for Mitchell. He shouts out Ricky as a brother, and then tells "Bill" they're a phenomenal danger. (Maybe "Mel"? Couldn't tell.) He had no words for Caitlynn, I notice.

Ah well...may the dog days be over! See you next week!

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