Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD Top 20 - Four Dancers Leave. No, Seriously This Time.

Just a quick update to review our fallen gazelles...the first of our bottom three couples are Missy and Wadi (wonder if America agreed that Wadi was the weak link, or if they weren't as charmed by Missy's identity of "sexy contempo"?).  They're in a group with Mitchell & Caitlynn (whose name I couldn't remember), who are safe after she got punched in the snoot yesterday. Sasha & Alex are the third couple in this group, and honestly, we're not sending Sasha home this early (nor are they announcing the second endangered couple this early).  I fast forward through the rather maudlin review of their dance, the recap of which leaves Alex in tears. And they're safe, of course.

There's a bit about Gatorade and athleticism and Nigel is gibbering and I'm boop-booping. Next!

Our next group is Miranda & Robert, Jordan & Tadd, Iveta & Nick, and Melanie & Marko.  We start with Miranda & Robert (woodpeckers) against Melanie & Marko, and Cat throws them for a loop by saying, "After last night, the second couple in danger is... ... ...none of you!" They're all safe.  So it's on to the other two couples, and the odds are good that one of them is our Couple #2.  We start with Jordan & Tadd, who! They survived the waltz! Pretty impressive.  But alas, Iveta and Nick are indeed in the bottom two--so-so- Bollywood wasn't enough to win us over.  I think we've just run smack into the reason Iveta wasn't cast the last two times...she's not warm enough for TV.  But I don't want her to take Nick down with her!

On we go to our final three couples: Ashley & Chris, Ryan & Ricky, and Clarice & Jess.  Cat starts with Ashley & Chris, who! The Broadway jailhouse number was enough (plus they had the pimp spot last night).  Ryan & Ricky were one of the two dances I missed, but the judges seemed to like it--did America? First we have to review Clarice & Jess's dance, which was leaden whenever he had to lift her. I don't think they'll make it.  Our third couple in the bottom is...Ryan & Ricky! Shocker! You can tell Jess and Clarice were totally expecting to go, and there's sort of a stunned silence from the audience.  Prepare for an outraged speech from Nigel.

The dancers go off to prepare, and the first guest act is Rage Crew, that annoying bunch of little kid b-boys. Yeah, yeah, kids doing hip hop is adorable, whatever. I'm fast forwarding.

Now it's time for our solos, and we begin with Wadi. He looks cool and happy in jeans and hoodie, and he's bouncing and spinning all over the floor. Definitely did his job in reminding us why they cast him.  As he comes off, we go right into Missy's solo. She's doing a kind of African-inspired number with lots of flexed feet and angles like a Sonya piece. Her music's weird, though, and it's not exactly "sexy." Remember your branding, Missy! Finally, it's Nick's turn, and I'm actually really happy to see him tap again! I heart him. He renders me Debbie-Reynolds-esque. So cute!

Wow, I thought we'd get our next guest act here, but no, we're going right into the next three solos. Guess the singer will be out while the judges "deliberate." (Does anyone think they haven't made up their mind before the show even starts? Or at least have a short list?) Iveta's up, doing a...samba? At least her song is called "Samba Rock," and she's not wearing much.  But to be honest, while I'm sure it was excellent samba, it wasn't a great solo--not flashy enough. She's no Anya.  Now it's Ricky's turn, and he's rocking the shirtless solo.  He's in great shape, of course, but too slender to be drool-worthy for my tastes. But he uses his long, long legs to great effect. And finally, Ryan. Will she stop smiling at last? OK, I don't like her, but she begins with a cool moment where she drops onto her back and then slides herself across the stage.  The rest is all the usual wave-n-flail, though.

Off go the judges to decide on their victors, and we get to hear LMFAO backed up by Qwest (home crew of Hok, Dom and others).  I actually know this band because their single is included on my iPhone game, "Tap Tap Revolution." Synthetic dance nonsense.

And it's time to take four of our dancers out back and break their legs. Nigel tells us that the judges are unanimous in their decisions. Nigel starts with the girls, and says nice things about all of them, although he tells Ryan her solo wasn't as good as it could be.  He then announces the one girl he's saving...Ryan.  Unsurprising--Missy wasn't unique, and they never really wanted poor Iveta. I'm sorry for her that she didn't get a longer run, though.

No time for tears! On to the boys. Nigel tells Wadi that he believes he hasn't had a chance to show off his skills yet, but thought his solo was a little weak. He tells Nick they believe he's going to be a star (that sounds like a kissoff to me). Ricky is told that he's never danced better than he did in his solo tonight.  I think Nick's a goner, but will they keep Wadi or Ricky?  It's Ricky! Sorry, didn't pick up the choreo fast enough.  I will miss both of these guys--I liked them, and thought their partners weren't super-appealing. May you all get lots of work!

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